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Spring & Summer Homeopathy

Seasonal stressors include allergies (to all sorts of things, including pollen), things that make us itch (bug bites and poison ivy), and too much of a good thing (sunburn).

Sun Safety Products

Tis the season to celebrate all things light, from reading to clothing to the rays pouring down from the sky.

Yet it pays to be cautious about sun exposure. One in five Americans will contract melanoma, the deadly skin cancer, according to the Melanoma Research Foundation.

Brew Iced Tea for Health Benefits

Except for water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world. Three main categories—green, black, and oolong—comprise 3,000 varieties of tea, all from one marvelous plant, Camellia sinensis. 

Remedies for Eye Health

By: Annie Graves

Our eyes adore antioxidants, and vitamin A is the top free radical-fighting antioxidants when it comes to eye care.

Homemade Lemon Hummus

DairyFree, GlutenFree, NutFree, Vegan

From the Taste for Life test kitchen

Tips for Freezing Your Organic Foods

1. Rotate your inventory

Fresh or frozen, all foods are best used as soon as possible. Be sure to use oldest items first to keep your inventory fresh.

Prep for Sandal Season

I’m typing this with greasy fingers from the oil I’ve slathered onto my cracked heels. The fissures are an ugly sign left over from winter and intermittent care on my part.

Summer Remedies

Summer’s warmth leads to more outdoor activities and the potential for bumps, bruises, and burns.

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